Thanks for your interest in playing our venue.

We pride ourselves on unique, intimate shows with a focus on listening.

If you’re interested in booking a show, please email

In that email please include links to your music, your available dates or range of dates, and any links to press and social media, and a photo. We try to respond to all inquiries but because of the high volume, we cannot. We are a small venue with a particularly laid-back feel. Your music may be too loud or too large, for us, so be aware of that before you contact us.

  • What’s your band payment policy?

We have two kinds of shows: listening room shows and “social” shows. The listening room shows include a door price. Once we have confirmed a point of contact, we will disclose our payment policy. Our “social” shows are always free and don’t include a stage. We encourage instrumental music or music where the musicians can do their own sound.

  • What kind of promotion do you do?

We will make posters to use in-house and add your show to our website, to Facebook, to local free listings and will add it to Instagram in our Stories and Highlights. We also include shows in our monthly newsletter.

  • What kind of promotion do you want ME to do?

If you’re on Facebook we ask that you co-host the event and share it with your network. We also would like you to share your shows with your social media contacts. If you want to make your own poster or want copies to distribute around town, please let us know at least three weeks in advance of your show.