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Lonna Kelley + Howe Gelb: Further Standards

An evening showcasing the grace and talent of Lonna Kelley and Howe Gelb, each performing solo and also performing together, to the tune of their latest release together 'Further Standards'.

"This new album now takes inventory by adding Lonna Kelley to several of the original tracks from “Future Standards” to ‘up’ the previous standard."

On ‘Future Standards’, Gelb duets with the equally laconic Lonna Kelley as the pair come on like a seasoned duo managed by Broadway Danny Rose in Woody Allen’s film of the same name. Gelb’s piano sinks to a pedal-depressed ambience as his cavalier vocal boasts of new love and faded times, all In the best tradition of the American Songbook that he’s pretty damn cleverly adding a new volume to.

Later Event: April 16