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SOLD OUT! Kyklo Present: 'Huzun'


Kyklo’s autumnal performance is about change: transitions, memories, and melancholy, centered around the Turkish word huzun. (Difficult to translate, huzun denotes a feeling of deep loss while also being a hopeful way of looking at life.) Playing such diverse traditional instruments as the bouzouki, baglama, kaval, ney, gaida, and tambura, Kyklo’s performances are as informative as they are entertaining.

Along with music from Eastern Europe, the Aegean, and Anatolia, Kyklo is delighted to have guest musicians Xia Jing (guzheng) and Guo Dan (er-hu) performing traditional Chinese music; and there will be other guests and surprises, all dedicated to that most poignant of seasons, the fall.

Tickets are limited for this special show so get them HERE

Tickets $10 in advance/$12 day of show.