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Melaena Cadiz w/Marianne Dissard

$8 Cover



For more than a few years now, singer-songwriter Melaena Cadiz has been making a beautiful, dreamy brand of down-home folk that has belied her cosmopolitan NYC surroundings. Her last two albums leaned bluegrass with twangy guitars and banjo, intricate, organic percussion, and soothing strings while her voice exquisitely cleared a path through the enveloping sounds.


Her new album, Sunfair, is a departure, with Cadiz trying to anchor newfound stability amid many moving parts. She made an escape from NYC to California, specifically the vast, arid desert terrain of Joshua Tree. The soundscape of Sunfair mirrors that landscape. The sound is stripped, raw, sparse, and beautifully barren, hearkening to a newly unearthed inward solace. The album mostly follows the pattern of lead single “Goes Without Saying“: Rarely is Cadiz’s voice accompanied by anything other than her gorgeous finger-picked guitar and the slightest bit of reverb. She’s taken the serenity and simplicity of that environment and comfortably cloaked her voice in it.

-Collin Robinson for "Stereogum"



Marianne Dissard is a singer, lyricist and filmmaker who lived in Tucson, Arizona, United States from 1994 to 2013. A central figure in Tucson's desert music community with her unique hybrid of French Chanson and Americana, she is a charismatic performer and known for the quality of her lyrics.